Saint Michael's College

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Summer Research

Forty Saint Michael’s students gather in the Word Garden on a beautiful summer day to have lunch with their faculty advisors and discuss their summer research endeavors.

Guatemala ‘14

Saint Mike’s students travel to and study Guatemala firsthand with Professor Bob Brenneman. 

Reunion 2014

A great collection of photos from June’s rousing reunion events.

Summer Wilderness Adventures

A few shots from some of the many incredible trips offered by the Saint Mike’s Wilderness Program to Accelerated Summer College students.

Going to Guyana

Saint Mike’s students and professors write about their compelling trip to the small South American nation.

Homies and Hermanos

Sociology Professor Robert Brenneman investigates compelling ties between Guatemalan gangs and religion in his book and on his blog.

Investigating English Roots


Saint Michael’s Shakespeare students Sean Morrissey and Michelle Kazanowski investigating the ice house on the Wroxton College grounds during their summer abroad.

Dispatches from India

Professors, staff and students offer poignant reflections during their visit to Kolkata, India.

Burgundy Knights

A group of Saint Michael’s students and faculty take a trip to Mike the Knight’s homeland: France.