Saint Michael's College

Educating. Human. Kind.

A Tour of Durick Library

Ben Rosbrook ‘15 shows us around one of the most iconic buildings on campus and all it has to offer.

Why SMC? Why Liberal Arts?

Susanna Shigo ‘16 explains why Saint Michael’s and the Liberal Arts were such a good fit for her.

What MOVEs You?

Dom Wood ‘15 gives us a great short look at how important community service is to Saint Michael’s students.

Adventure Films at SMC

Brendan Oates ‘15 takes us through some outstanding outdoor filmmaking from his fellow students, including a visit to the Chic Choc mountains.

SMC Summer Research Programs

Ben Rosbrook ‘15 is awarded and discusses the College’s ever-growing and impressive Summer Research Program.

It’s Monday. Here’s A Puppy.

Mondays can be ruff. So Nate Gabel ‘15 helps us through by sharing pictures of Bambi, a Siberian husky puppy that visited campus last week.

No More Snowmen

Susanna Shigo ‘16 is ready for Spring. And, fortunately, it’s arrived in Vermont.

One Last Snow Day

In honor of the warming temps, here’s one last look back at how beautiful the campus is after a snowfall, courtesy of Cecelia Schnobrich ‘17.